Complexity Simplified

The Mercatus Platform empowers you to leverage new technologies seamlessly and deliver exceptional brand experiences and applications across multiple channels, ultimately increasing customer loyalty.

Our platform gives you a singular view of each customer’s preferences and shopping habits. User-based permissions means the right person in your organization gets the right information, enabling them to deliver an exceptional shopping experience.

Our platform gives you access to:

Engaged Customers – Personalized robust shopping experiences, compelling high conversions and brand loyalty.

Transparency – Capture a holistic view of customer activity and business operations.

Efficient Operations – Increase breadth and quality of service, production throughput and reduced manual labor.

Flexible, Scalable Architecture – Integrate seamlessly with your continually evolving system, processes and business strategy.

Incremental Sales – Increase basket size by providing each customer interaction with innovative services.

Integrated Commerce

Platform Console


A Window into Mercatus Platform

The Platform Console gives you access and visibility to customize the capabilities to manage each customer touch point and address your unique business needs. Our goal is to ensure the most relevant information is at your customers’, employees’ and partners’ fingertips.


The Shopper module integrates a shopper’s account details, history and loyalty card information in a singular view. Role-based access gives your call center reps the ability to instantly update customer contact details and loyalty information.


We know that the Flyer is a critical component of the grocery business. Customers are trained to scan flyers and identify desired savings. Our digital version goes a step further and identifies products shoppers would be interested in based on their shopping history, recipe and meal planning activity.


The Product module gives you access to instant updates which can be reflected across all the shopper tools. From flash sales to product updates, the Product module gives you easy access to manage your product information.


The Coupon module seamlessly integrates with the shopper’s account information, allowing for personalized offers that reflect the shopper’s interests, shopping history and loyalty perks.


The robust Recipe offering includes multiple categories, nutritional details and preparation directions. Customer activity within the Recipe tool is captured and provides opportunities to serve up targeted product recommendations.


The Orders module delivers best-in-class order optimization. Our just-in-time order management approach is engineered to provide high-quality order fulfillment that is adaptable enough to respond to real-life order updates.


The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts

We work side-by-side you and your partners to ensure an overall seamless retail solution that delivers the business value. Our experience combined with the flexible architecture of the Mercatus Platform allows for smooth implementation.

Collaborative Two-Way Integrations

We work with your current and future solution providers to ensure all data and solutions are relevant to your customers’ shopping experiences. Our Platform ties into your existing systems and partner network. We have a proven track record delivering on client objectives by working with a host of providers. We’ve developed strong relationships with best-in-breed specialized vendors across a host of areas including; loyalty, flyer, coupons, advertising, analytics and business intelligence.

Thought Partners

We love solving complex problems. At Mercatus, we built a strong network of partners that are driven to solve for the grocery industry’s complex and evolving challenges. We are committed to continuously seek new and innovative ways to increase the value of our solutions.


Learn how Mercatus key values translate to technology that enhances your existing architecture and delivers results.

Agile & Fluid

The Mercatus Platform is a SaaS-based (Software as a Service), integrated commerce solution designed to enhance and reinforce digital engagement. Our solutions redefine the shopping experience and help transform boundless data into actionable insights. Our RESTful application programming interfaces (API) are technology agnostic. In other words, they can be used with any development environment including Java, .NET, LAMP (e.g. PHP, Python), as well as mobile applications (e.g. iOS, Android, HTML5). A comprehensive SDK Development Framework, which includes comprehensive documentation and sample code, enables you to access information, as well as rapidly develop compelling applications with the Platform.

Integration & Data

Mercatus drives the development of solutions for the complexities of today’s retail technology. Our platform complements existing systems and infrastructure across existing and emerging technology providers—so you can continue to maximize your return on existing investments. This level of integration is achieved via our in-depth knowledge of the industry and associated technologies including a variety of SOAP/XML interfaces, as well as data feeds. A wide assortment of data (e.g. customer, store, location, product, flyer, coupon, analytical) is automatically ingested/exported as required to meet your unique solution requirements. The aggregation of your data is an important and fundamental step with respect to the creation of integrated and cohesive solutions. We design solutions to leverage your existing assets and intellectual property and provide a strategic operational framework for more informed decisions in an increasingly competitive environment.


An easy-to-use web-centric interface provides an integrated Mercatus Platform Console to manage, unify and process the data captured from interfaces and data feeds. Your data is centrally managed and accessed through secure outbound APIs that allow your software applications and information systems to easily communicate with each other. This enables your IT teams and solution partners to efficiently and rapidly author valuable new shopper-centric services, as well as extracts valuable insights with respect to key operational metrics that provide unique competitive and sustainable advantage.


Mercatus recognizes the importance of privacy and security of your shoppers’ data and other proprietary data. We employ industry-leading security practices to strictly regulate access and encrypt shopper and other confidential data. Permissions to perform certain operations or view specific data are controlled via role-based access control (RBAC) security features. Any given user’s access rights are centrally administered via the Platform Console. For example, a given marketing employee may have access to flyer data while a customer-support employee may have access to a shopper purchase history and loyalty status.


At Mercatus, we employ operational practices including active 24/7/365 monitoring to ensure industry-leading performance criteria and service levels. We are SAS70/SSAE16 level 1 certified and have processes in place to deliver quick responses and exceptional customer support via a toll-free support number.

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